• Campaign:
    Subject60 Launch

In early 2010 the all-new Volvo S60 positioned as the ‘Naughty Volvo’ was launched globally. Part of the introduction included 5 exclusive launch parties in Berlin, London, Paris, Milan, and Madrid. Our objective was to prove that Volvo had changed, connecting people to a lifestyle not normally associated with the brand. To create buzz amongst local trendsetters, we created a code search around each city using augmented reality. Anyone naughty enough to complete the hunt was deemed naughty enough to attend the parties.

Across the 5 European cities, a total of 3062 subjects were tested. The data collected pointed to a clear conclusion: Paris was ‘The Naughty Capital Of Europe.” As of October 2010, The Subject60 Experiment film reached more than 1.5 million views. Supported by only a small seeding budget, the film ended up on more than 1,000 sites. And, more than 40,000 viewers clicked through to the Volvo S60 website for more information.

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