Charles Schwab

In 2005, Havas Worldwide Digital launched a simple call to action: Talk to Chuck. How could this one time challenger brand recapture its distinction as an advocate for the individual investor?

The insight was simple – consumers craved being listened to and spoken to in a respectful way – and no-one in the brokerage industry was doing that. So who better, than a company and a man who embodied those virtues and could democratize financial advice for all.

Talk to Chuck became an instantly recognizable brand icon – in just one year. All key metrics significantly increased for the first time in five years, and importantly, new accounts grew double digits for multiple consecutive years since its launch.

The campaign has won numerous awards, including accolades from The Journal of Financial Advertising for best ad campaign in the brokerage category and best in show for financial services advertising. Schwab was cited as “the best of the best” for successfully utilizing research to produce an ad campaign that achieves exceptional business results.





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